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 Resort Club House and PoolWe would like to invite you to attend a preview tour of Williamsburg's Premier 5-Star resort. As a way of thanking you for your time, you'll receive your choice of a free gift with no obligation to buy anything. You may choose either 2 tickets to Busch Gardens or 2 tickets to Colonial Williamsburg. If you already have tickets, we will give you a $100 dollar American Express card as our gift to you.

 Resort Estates HomeThis beautiful vacation resort offers colonial style Cottage Villas, Town Homes and the newest units called the Estate Home. All of the units are loaded with modern amenities and offer ample living space during vacation. The units have separate bedrooms with private bathrooms, full kitchens, dish washers, washer & dryer and color TVs in all the bedrooms.  Property amenities include two large outdoor pools plus an indoor heated pool with a Jacuzzi tub. These is also a sauna, steam rooms plus a fully equipped exercise room that offers stationary bikes, treadmills, an elliptical cycle and a variety of weight lifting machines.

 Resort Master Bedroom Resort Second Bedroom Resort Dining Room Resort Living Room

Tours are available 5 days a week Friday thru Tuesday and the earliest tour begins at 9am. There is no obligation to join the resort and it's a great way to save money on your vacation. For more information or to schedule your tour date and time, please call 1-800-229-1665. 

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